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welcome to
2023 home pop-up exhibition

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the complete work displayed

Room One has two themes.

The first is work from my Home Retreats. These are uninterrupted times of one or more days, when I walk, meditate and generally pay wider attention to the conversation with the seen and unseen worlds.

I have a central focus for reflection, and record what happens in words and pictures. Some of these become more resolved paintings.

Sometimes this is a lone space, sometimes I connect at distance with a shared theme with someone else..

The second theme is from a period of thanksgiving I dedicated last year to celebrate my 75 years of life, by making images of 75 trees. 

In Room Two I have displayed pictures that I receive in the space 'walking between the worlds' of the everyday and otherwhere through dreaming, trance and meditation. 

Also here is work produced with the intention of bringing blessing.

My new ventures into textile and mixed media are here too.

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